Twenty Tuesday Thoughts #5

Springtime : 1 – Spring has sprung and it’s got me dreaming of quitting my job and sailing away to a brand new life (with my wife and furry family, obvs). 2 – Hiking is gorgeous and wonderful, forresty and lost, but it does not have the same mountain effect as skiing. 3 – Second […]

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Therapy Thursday #4 : Purpose

Purposefulness has always been earnestly sought, seemingly exciting but consistently transient to me. At multiple points throughout this Awakening Journey, I have experienced eureka moments so profound and instrumental in my personal development that I think: this has to be something! But, the recurrence and that transience are signs that I haven’t found it yet… […]

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Twenty Tuesday Thoughts #4

Intersectional Pop Culture : 1 – The Demi Lovato documentary (the first half), got me thinking about inter-generational trauma and cyclical wounds: mainly on how little compassion we have for them in western society. Especially in the States, we see the tendency to weaponise Puritanism and view people with eating disorders or substance abuse problems […]

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Therapy Thursday #3: Rage Poetry

Mummy dearest is a chasm of unimpeachable force Suffocating, strangling, sloping down into nothingness you go A darkness so pervasive one cannot even fathom their own course Mummy dearest dissatisfied til you are stuck below Mummy cruelest is the cold darkness that shivers the breath Roaring, raring, recklessly mad So terrifying one cannot help but […]

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Twenty Tuesday Thoughts #3

Home Office : 1 – I hate stupid email questions that result in more emails. When you literally say: here is X’s feedback. Then you get emails in response saying: what do you mean? Bish – I don’t mean shit, X said it. 2 – When Monday morning rolls along and you literally cannot open […]

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Twenty Tuesday Thoughts #2

Society : 1 – A woman cannot have the base expectation that she can return home in safety, without incident. 2 – In light of that expectation being absent across major cities globally (hell, even in the suburbs and countryside), to further add insult to injury (or to cement the status quo), the media frames […]

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Twenty Tuesday Thoughts #1

Pop Culture : 1 – Oprah is the legit queen of all time and serious communication goals. 2 – Meghan Markle will be lambasted for being affected by what drove her to suicidal thoughts, deemed a snowflake and said to be oversensitive, but if she actually killed herself the world would have said *omg mental […]

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